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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 » Hello. + A Look Back at our "First" Year

Happy New Year!

2015 seriously flew by and I can't even call it our "first year in business" because we've only been "open" for 8 months! 

But in those 8 months we accomplished a lot... 
◊ Sold over 100 pieces 
◊ Participated in 3 local festivals
◊ Shipped to 3 countries
◊ Acquired our first retail account
◊ And we are profitable!

So I am very happy to end this year on a good note.
Some of the orders from Black Friday weekend
The holiday season brought us lots of new experiences.
We had our first Black Friday Weekend sale and had 20% off store wide.
It was so fun to sit down and pack up all the orders we received. It nearly wiped out the shop!
We also joined forces with The Wild Unknown and hundreds of other small businesses for the Good Karma Sale.
Over the Black Friday Weekend, as well as running our 20% off sale, 20% of all of our sales went towards our annual Toys for Tots: Stuff a Bus benefiting kids all across Cape Cod.
Because of you, we were able to purchase a sweet Barbie bike and a badass Darth Vader bike, too!
Then after that was a non-stop hustle because we had a festival that following weekend.

It was SO busy and crazy and a little chilly.
Thankfully we had the booze to keep us warm.
Props to Stacey Hedman for catchin' the cheeze of all cheezin smile on my face

So in conclusion,
Thank you. All of you.
You're support and love this past year has been insane
+ I'm so happy to bring Dreamsongs into 2016.