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Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's gonna be May

...and this year is just moving right along.
I can't believe we are almost halfway through 2016 and summer is right around the corner.
Soon the Cape will be flooded with tourists and craziness and I won't be able to drive, like, anywhere and the beaches will be crowded and things will become more expensive...
But we rely on those people blinkering and never turning, sweating next to you as they bake their lobster bellies in the sun,  and buying up all the good stuff to the point where businesses jack their prices to make more money because thats just how the Cape Cod economy survives.

Let's talk fests
But summer also brings good stuff! Like outdoor festivals! And we have a few to do this year!
Last year we kicked butt at LoveLocal Fest and can't wait to return this year with new stuff and good vibes. We will be there July, September, and then later on in December for the Holiday Edition.
We also added the Pinehills Festival to our list this year. 
We will be up in Plymouth slinging weaves and gems in July, August, and September!
New stuff and displays are in the works and I can't wait to get out there and start hanging with all you Dreamweavers again!

So what's new?...
So in the last LUNA.SOL post I mentioned that we did a gallery opening at ByWay Barber + MOLA Gallery in Falmouth, MA.
Here are some pics from that event:
Setting up the big dreamcatchers on the main wall
#selfie (notice Ethan's head coming out of the side of mine haha) 
The entire jewelry display as well as our 3" baby weaves 
A pic from the opening. It was PACKED!
All of our collections were on display for about 2 months alongside some other very talented artists.
We will be returning to ByWay Barber + MOLA Gallery in the summer for a big collaborative show and we can't wait!

Also we are participating in the silent auction to benefit the Scargo School during their Spring Fling on May 22nd. 
I'm in the process of making a beautiful dreamcatcher for this wonderful, local school.

Shop Update!
I just updated the shop this afternoon with some new weaves of all sizes.
We got some Amethyst in a few weeks ago and it looks so gorgeous on our dreamcatchers and we have some jewels in the works as well.
A new collection is coming!
We've been working on some protective gems for some of your favorite "people".
Sneaky peeks will be coming soon so make sure you're following our Instagram (@shopdreamsongs)

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