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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

iPhone Shoot ..cuz why the F@%$ not?!

Notice the new header?
Well lately I've been itching to do a photoshoot for my jewelry and I just haven't decided how or who to do it with, etc.
So today I was just like "Fuck it." and did a shoot with me, myself, and my iPhone.
I guess I was half inspired by rummaging through my closet, which is filled with a gajillion cool pieces I never wear enough.
With rummaging came a huge purge and I got rid of like 40 things.
All the while, Ethan is sitting on the bed, playing video games, and shaking his head at me in disbelief that my closet still looks full after subtracting the 40 items.
Hey, a girl's gotta shop sometimes.

So anyway, it was fun!
Here's some of my favorite shots....
Serenity necklace, Aventurine Powerstone necklace, + Siren earring
Gold Orion choker, Serenity necklace, + Siren earring 
Wanderer necklace, Moon Dreamer necklace, + Wolf Mother Earrings

Mermaid earrings + Citrine Powerstone necklace

Till next time! 
See ya.

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