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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Oh jeez... hi 2017!

Hey! It's been awhile.
Like a long while.
Been busy with festivals and all that other insanity that 2016 brought.
So lets do a quick recap...

Last time we talked, I had just finished up my first festival of the year!
So the next festival was 4th of July weekend in Eastham, MA
It was fun but yet again, I couldn't have my jewelry out.
It didn't matter as much because Eastham, unlike Hyannis, is a place where a lot of people are in touch with their souls and into alternative healing, etc., which has a lot to do with my work.
After that was my first Pinehills ever:
It was fantastic and I really fell in love with the atmosphere and the company who runs the whole festival.
I also met a George R. R. Martin look-a-like and he was a very kind soul who was into aboriginal musical instruments and cultures. 
He came over to my table and I asked him, "Do you know who George R. R. Martin is?" and he replied with, "I know, I know, I haven't finished the book yet!" so, I guess he was used to it.
I did sneak a picture of him and sent it off to a few friends because the resemblance was uncanny but I don't have the picture anymore, unfortunately.

After Pinehills was the first LoveLocal Fest of the year (aka my favorite!).
As always LoveLocal Fest brought the best.
Photo credz: Jen of little beach gallery
Then another Pinehills x2, and then another LoveLocal Fest.
In between it all we did a pop-up shop with Byway Barber.
We capped off the year with the LoveLocal Fest: Holiday edition and one last Byway Barber event!

It was a busy busy year.

So now, I'm sitting up in bed, watching Sex and the City while 20" of snow sits outside.
Took this yesterday in the middle of the storm.
We walked through the woods to the cranberry bog behind our place.

So what's next?
Lots of stuff.
Lots of plans and ideas are constantly popping into my head.
Just gotta stay tuuuuuned!

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