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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Working on this big, beautiful, weave this past week.

The Zoso 15" Crystal Dreamcatcher

Sneeeeek Peek Work in Progress
As you may know, Led Zeppelin IV is most commonly known as "Zoso" because of the four symbols printed on the backside of the album.
Luckily for me I have an awesome roommate (Jeff!) who gave me one of his long sleeve Zeppelin shirts that he was gonna toss. On the sleeves were the 4 symbols.
Jimmy Page's Symbol - "Zoso".
 Some say he chose it because it is the
Ancient Symbol for Saturn, the planet ruling over his Zodiac: Capricorn
John Paul Jones' Symbol -A Triquetra.
This symbolizes a person who possesses both competence and confidence.
Also seen as a trinity (see symbol below).
John Bonham's Symbol -
These three interlocking rings symbolizes the trinity of father, mother, and son.
Robert Plant's Symbol - The feather of Ma'at.
Ma'at is the Egyptian Goddess of justice and fairness.
This symbol also is the emblem of a writer.

So I had these sleeves laying around because I cut them off of the shirt so I decided to make something cool with them! Nothing better than a biiiig dreamcatcher!
It's coming along nicely.
Just need to add some crystals.

My love for Zeppelin stems back to my childhood for sure.
My whole family loves Zeppelin so I guess you could say it's kind of in my blood.
I almost wanna keep this dreamcatcher for myself, honestly.
But I won't. You guys need to enjoy it as much as I do!

Here's one of my faaaavorite songs from Led Zeppelin IV:

Should be posted in the shop soon so keep your eyes out Dreamweavers!
This guy will be One of a Kind so snag it when you can!

We have a lot of cool stuff planned for the holiday season.
You will definitely be seeing a sweet Black Friday weekend sale coming your way!

In other news:
LoveLocal Fest: Holiday Edition
Who are we gonna see there?
Come hang out with uuusssssss and get all of your shopping done in one place!
After all, drunk shopping is the best shopping!

Friday, October 16, 2015

OMG it's October

What happened?!
One minute I was FREAKING out about doing our first festival and now we already have two in the books! (What? TWO?! Yes, yes.. read on readers)
Ok, here is what happened...
LoveLocal Fest: August was a huuuuge success! Hollaaaa! We did awesome, met so many great people and customers, and had an amazing time.

At the end of it all we were just so surprised we had done it, without an issue, easy peasy, donezo. We met and chilled with a few other amazing artisans as well like trust, our booth neighbor Danza, Thyme After Thyme, and Chew!

We had so much fun we signed up for LoveLocal Fest: September! And THAT was awesome, too! Both (August and September) days were beautiful and sunny. We definitely lucked out!

In the middle of all that we also launched a BETA website via Wix. Not really sure where we will be going from here, but it is a good base for... well... something. You can check it out here.

So now we are in the middle of getting ready for the Holiday Season.
I can't believe its the middle of October already and I've already heard people talking about Christmas shopping! Like, what? It's October, chill.
But, it's also good to get a head start so we are busy behind the scenes prepping for the Holiday madness.
We already secured our spot at LoveLocal Fest: Holiday Edition at Cape Cod Beer on December 6th and we can't wait! What's better than drinking AND shopping local? So stoked!

AND we dropped our new Fall Collections!
And ARTichoke in Eastham is stocked up with these new beauties!

That's all for now, babes!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Virgin Territory: Festival Prep How-To

This whole time I'm screaming in my head, "I've never done this before!" and my stress level is at an all time high.
But here we are. 15 more days. ONLY 15 DAYS LEFT UNTIL LOVE LOCAL FEST.

I have SO much more to do. Luckily I started this process months in advance, which is a miracle because I'm such a procrastinator. Smartest thing I may have ever done, actually.
Now's the time to not panic. Calm, cool, collected, and lazer focus.

So here is my own little

Poppin' the Festival Cherry How-To:

Step #1:

Relax. Even though you probably have no time for it. 
While also running Dreamsongs, I work full time at Wicked Thrift so my time for my own business is very limited.
What I do to relax and to keep myself balanced and clear (besides drinking wine, even though that makes you unbalanced and probably not so clear) is yoga.
I actually began a Yoga Challenge, which syncs up perfectly with the countdown to the festival. I take time to do it before I head off to work in the morning.
{via Free People}

I suggest finding something easy for you to do each day that gives you a little break from the real world and brings you back to your center. This will help you stay positive and focused during this crazy time.
If you can't find something small to do daily, then just take a day off.
It's ok, I won't tell anyone. 
Do something you enjoy. Go to the beach, indulge in your other hobbies, or just lay around on a rainy day and watch a few seasons of Sex and the City. Usually, when I do this, I end up feeling guilty for taking time to myself and then work slowly but surely while I watch TV.
So it's a win/win.

Step #2:

Make Lists.
Even if you are not a "list person" it's important to keep a list of things you need to have done or bring with you for the festival/market.
{via Julie Ann Art}
{via adventures-in-making}
Start with the basics: Your Inventory. (but more on that later) Next, move on to your main checklist. What exactly do you need to bring to make this a successful festival? Both of these lists pictured are great examples (and printable!) of checklists.
First off, make sure you have your basics: tent, table, inventory.
Then move on to the others: cash, food, business cards, your credit card reader, bags, etc.
Then the not so obvious: Tools, a notebook to track your sales, receipts, your sellers permit (you never know if you'll need it!), a chair or two, something to weight your tent down with, string/zip ties, scissors (I always feel like I'm gonna forget those), a water bowl for dogs (they are people, too). Literally ANYTHING can happen so just make sure you are prepared for something to break, a thirsty dog, your tent to fly away, someone to have low blood sugar and almost collapse into a diabetic seizure (ok thats extreme but hey, it could happen so bring candy, every body loves candy), or someone to hand you a $100 bill for your first sale.
In short, be prepared.

Step #3:

Inventory. Have stuff to sell, duh!
I'm sure you are going crazy (because I know damn well I am) trying to create all the things you wanna sell. It is important to make sure you have enough inventory but don't push past your niche. Make multiples of things so you can easily re-stock when something sells. If you have more of a "one-of-a-kind" business, then just make a lot of stuff that falls under the same category. You gotta have a lot of stuff to make your table look full. If it doesn't look full, people are gonna think you don't have a lot of variety aka anything that they may like and just walk right by without a second glance.
BUT make sure the things that you are bringing properly represent your brand or business. Have a good variety of things but don't go overboard. You only have limited space to display all of your items.
I know you're thinking, "what the hell do you know? You're writing this 15 days before your first ever  Festival!" (SHIT I only have 15 days and I'm writing a damn blog post! But I digress...) Yeah, you're right. I haven't done my first festival yet but I can tell you, you don't wanna over extend your brand. The more you take on all these different things because you "know they will sell", the more you are dissolving your business into just a mush of random stuff. Don't be a Walmart or a Target. Be You. That's like branding 101. Make things that make you stand out.

Step #4:

How are you gonna set up your tent?
Display your stuff. Market your goods.
Honestly, I haven't completed this rule/step yet. I have all the things I want to use for displays but I'm just not sure how to place things just yet and I haven't started working on the things that I want to make for displays.
This is where I start freaking out.

Think of your tent as your own little retail store. Make it reflect your brand and your personality.
Just like a retail store, first things first: have a sign. Whether you print it out on paper and tape it to something or make your own pretty little sign, make sure people know where they are when they are browsing your goods. Put your logo on EVERYTHING. 
I do actually know what I'm talking about when it comes to display making. That's my job job, like real life job. I do retail displays and fashion merchandising so you can trust me on this bit if anything.  
So you have a tent and a table and just under 2 hours to set up?
Don't panic.
Side Note: before you even get to the festival, you should do a mock set up the day before and make sure you know exactly how to execute your displays so you don't waste anytime.
Pop up your tent, weigh it down, set up your table, and get your inventory and bins out of your car.
Next, start beautifying.
Little things you're gonna wanna have and set up next: A table covering that will accentuate your handmade items, walls or a backdrop for your tent if you didn't buy the one that comes with them already, and/or a banner that displays your shop name.
This was me trying to make cool tie-dyed walls for my tent.
It was pretty cool, until I washed it. Now I just have a pink sheet.
Understand my frustration? Freeeaking out.
Once those basics are done, break out the display pieces.
When working with a table you wanna create height and depth. This creates interest. Nothing is interesting about a flat piece of land but when you add some trees and some mountains in the background, the scenery gets a lot more appealing.
  Find something to use as a riser for the back row of your table. Maybe a cool box or an old foot stool? Or even an easel. Just make sure whatever you are using, you can also utilize it. If it's an easel, put your sign on it. If it's a box, display pieces on top of it. Don't just put something somewhere for the hell of it. You don't have a lot of space so don't waste it.
After you have placed your max height displays in the back row, move to the next row. This would be a good place to add a cute vase of flowers, a picture frame with something that represents your brand, a mannequin head if you do some sort of accessory that involves heads/necks/faces... something decorative and fun.
{via tumblr}
An example template of a retail table display
Last but not least, the flat front row of the table.
This is where I intend to lay out all of my jewelry. This place is a good place for all your "flat" merchandise. Fold some clothes/scarves/whatever, lay out some jewelry, place some of your prints here, etc. This is where people are gonna dig in and touch stuff.
You'll also wanna add your business cards in a cool lil business card holder at the very front of your table so they are easily accessible and non-invasive (plus that candy dish for the candy I mentioned earlier).
And Voila! Take a few steps back and check out your tent. Would you wanna shop there? Is there anything you can move to fill in empty space? Taking a look from a distance helps you get into the head of your potential customer. Draw them in, make it look pretty and approachable.

4 steps, that's it?
Well, yeah, kinda.
Like I said, I started planning all my stuff months in advance. I can't even fall fast asleep at night without going over my countless to-do lists and check lists I have on my phone just to make sure I'm not missing anything and I'm on the right track.
Borderline Obsessed.
Nah, I am obsessed. Ambition, baby.
lyrics from So Ambitious -  Jay Z feat. Pharrell
So 15 days...
Bye bye, I'll be drowning in quartz and hemp and suede and feathers until then.
If you actually read this and take into account everything I've said and this helps you, thank you. I'm glad I could help and I'm happy that you have come here and read all of my nonsense and stuff and that you care. I hope your own craft shows/festivals/markets are crazy successful and you make your dreams come true!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hair Choppin + Custom Weavin

I've been growing my hair out for years after having some super short hair in my days.
Buuuuut I chopped like a foot off the other day!
{Rockin' our Orion Choker + Wolf Mother Earrings}
Super sweet thanks to Mirror Image Salon!
Feelin' like a #bossbabe 

In other news, a new moon brings new vibes and opportunities and I'm feeeeelin' good.
Stayed up late last night and worked on some new Crystal Weaves and YES I will be updating the shop with a few new babies tomorrowww!
Stay tuned babes!

To keep myself busy I've had a couple custom orders to work on.
One for the jewelry makin' gypsy babe, Renee, owner of Gypsy Soul Rings. Check out her gorgeous sterling rings. Unique and beautiful and I NEED like 20 of them. I'm obsessed.
{photo by Gypsy Soul Rings}
And another sweet lil Crystal Car Weave for my girl, Chelsea.
This girl is full of positive vibrations and love and I had make something for her that radiated the same.
{photo by Chelsea, edited by me}
Her fur babies sure love it!

Now you can get a custom weave, too!
We just enabled the "Custom Order" option in our shop. How it works is you click on the "Request Custom Order" button and let us know what you want and when you need it by and we will do our very best to create your vision. 
Follow us on insta to see what we are up to on the daily: @shopdreamsongs
Shop our Crystal Weaves and Gypsy Jewels below...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Losing your Best Friend of 10 Years + Other Updates.

Ugh. It hurts to even think about writing this.

In our shop (I say "our" because Dreamsongs is a combo effort of both me and my boyfriend, Ethan) we have a couple pieces named "Wolf Mother": the Wolf Mother Earring + the Wolf Mother Choker. I am the Wolf Mother. Unfortunately, my wolf is no longer on this Earth.
Wolf Mother Earring
Wolf Mother Choker 
Warrior Wolf Dreamcatcher

After a few weeks of being very "not herself", I had to put my Lulu down. She had two tick born illnesses and her liver was swelled and her abdomen was filled with fluids. When we first brought her to the vets, they did an X-ray to see what was going on and found out about her liver being enlarged, which made them come to the conclusion that she might  have cancer. She was ok for about a week after that and then I got a call a 3am Saturday morning from my parents saying she wouldn't get up. I drove over there and attempted to lift her up but she didn't have the strength. Later that morning we brought her to the vet. I didn't expect any of what was about to happen to actually happen. In the end there was nothing we could do and we had to let her go. Signing those papers was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I held her face against mine as she took her last breaths. I miss her so much.

This whole thing has put me in a slump. I want to get work done but I find myself having a few too many glasses of beer/wine/liquor and falling asleep after I get home from my day job. However, during this time I did a few custom orders (one for the lovely boss babe of Gypsy Soul Rings) and designed a few beachy seashell dreamcatchers while hanging at the beach one morning.
Love Local Fest is quickly approaching and I still have SO much to do.

In other news (fun stuff ahead!), we will be heading down to Foxwoods in a few weeks to celebrate Ethan's birthday! I need a little get-away STAT and I can't wait.
In September, Ethan and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary (really its like 8 years but whatever) by heading back to Portland, ME and North Conway, NH for a mini vaca. I'm over the moon excited for that. I wanna breathe the mountain air again and be in the glory of it all with my lovah.

Things will get better.
And we will just keep getting better.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hey Hey July: Festivals and Mountain Vacas

Whaaaaaaaaat. It's July already? Time for fireworks and tropical drinks and sand between my toes, please. I still don't even have a tan, though.

After we opened the shop, (Yeah we did that on April 2nd... surprise!) we escaped to the North for a week in April and had some much needed vaca-fun-time. We spent a few days in Portland, ME and then traveled to North Conway, NH and hiked in the White Mountains.

It was amazing and perfect. Except Ethan got sick when we were in Portland so that kinda sucked but we still had fun. We quickly fell in love with Portland. It's the perfect little city. It's like a low low key Boston and has great food.

So it's been a SWEET past few months. Shop is open and things are selling so that's rad. We have our first retailer, Artichoke, so thats even sweeter. AND we are doing our first ever festival in August called Love Local Fest. So we have been a little busy and it feels so good. We are hoping to entice some more retailers at Love Local and grow a little bit more before the year is over. Things just get so dead around here when summer comes to a close that its hard to get people to buy your stuff.

And we have new inventory! We expanded our jewelry collection to include Choker necklaces! Not to mention,  I have a few more ideas we will be debuting at Love Local Fest on August 30th. So stay tuned for those guys.

So we hope y'all have an amazing and safe 4th of July Weekend! Remember to face the fireworks away from your face please! And keep your hands away from exploding rockets. We are celebrating with FREE SHIPPING storewide when you use code: DREAMFREE at checkout!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where Has The Time Gone?

I've been hiding away for so long and making so much progress that I have forgotten to post!
Heres some photos to show what I've been up to:

Warrior charms! Wolf teeth, prehistoric shark teeth, mako shark teeth, and titanium quartz
clear quartz beauties

I received all of my supplies! Took awhile for the clear quartz to get here but it was well worth the wait. They are beauties!

Also my boyfriend and I bought a 2012 Cadillac CTS! Its gorgeous and we named her The Empress.


I have been weaving dreamcatchers and wrapping suede and wire wrapping quartz and animal teeth and all this crazy stuff I completely lost track of time.

I've also been drowning myself in pretty gold paint! It's probably my favorite paint color now. I've "dipped" feathers, painted suede, etc. etc. This is probably my new favorite paint color. Its so gorgeous!

There is so much more work to be done but I am hoping to open up shop by the beginning of April. A whole month away. The more I think about it the more and more I think that its an incredibly short amount of time. If I hustle like crazy I should be able to do it. Lots and lots of work to do. I just have to stay goal oriented and now that I have a date to work up to, it will be a lot easier.

But I am SO excited to get this baby up and running. It's gonna be so cool. Its gonna be like nothing you've ever seen before. Well, at least I hope.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Progress: Dream Weavin'

So Sunday was filled with all sorts of good stuff! It was my first day off since ordering all of my supplies and I had already received enough of it to get to work!

My new Galactica Top Gun stein full of iced green tea, Mumford and Sons on blast, and dream weavin'
Before I started working, I turn to my boyfriend and I'm like "well I hope I can do this!"
"What do you mean you hope you can do this?!" He asked in disbelief.
"Well I've never woven a dreamcatcher before... But I'm pretty sure I can do it."
"Then why did we just buy supplies for a bunch of them when we could have just done one to see if you can even do it?!" He was getting a bit angry...
 It was laughable because I had no doubt in my mind I could do it, it seemed easy enough! And I did do it! I banged out 6 of them that morning in a few hours.. Not bad, not bad.
Dyed Quartz and Rose Quartz wrapped up
The other night I tried my hand at wire wrapping... And it was a little rocky at first but I got through it. I was explaining to Ethan about how crazy it is that some people can just look at something and figure out how to do it. That's kinda how I am. The human brain is an incredible thing.
So "I've been up all night tryna get that rich, work work work work workin on my sh--" but really though I've been working hard prepping every little piece that is going on these dreamcatchers. You aint goin nowhere without the hustle.

I am going to be having a LOT of "firsts" during this whole process. I had never woven a dreamcatcher before but I did it, I had never wire wrapped before but I did it, and I have never had an etsy shop before but I'm gonna do it. Optimism, baby!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some Quick Post-Juno Updates

So WOAH that was one hell of a blizzard. (And more is on the way!)  I don't know about you, but I love storms, especially snow storms (plus it doesn't hurt I had two snow days off from work!).
Some lovely and HUGE icicles 

The first snow day was spent snuggled warm in bed with my handsome fella, watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, while the storm raged outside. Luckily we didn't lose power. I heard that most people who lost power on Cape wouldn't be getting it back for a few days. That must suck.

The second snow day (aka yesterday) was spent digging out all of our cars, of course! I also am a freak and I love shoveling. Don't ask me why, I just always have. When I lived with my parents, my dad and I would always go out and shovel either way way late at night or early early in the morning. Its so quiet and peaceful out at that time, it's my favorite.
The crazy amount of snow on our deck... about 4ft!
Also did the finishing touches on the latest project I am doing for Tiffany Jazelle! (click here to see the last project) With so much stuff going on, I can't have unfinished projects. It will drive me nuts. A Behind the Scene's post will be coming soon.

Anyway, these past few days I haven't been posting, I've been brainstorming SO many ideas and I have finally decided what I will be filling my Etsy shop with! (It's a MIRACLE!) I will be filling it with more than one thing but they all stem from the main idea, which is: Dreamcatchers. I've been working on them for years now... I made a few a couple years ago with vintage doilies and other found items but I never stuck with it.

But I'm stuck now. Yesterday I officially ordered all of my supplies! They will not be the same ones I had made in the past, they will be better than those. There is not much more info I want to release at the moment but SNEEK PEEKS are a'comin'! Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Etsy Goals Part 1: The Basics

Usually when I want to do something I just do it without any sort of lengthly preparation but not this. I've learned too much from my Boss Lady, Tammy at Wicked Thrift to just jump into this blind. She has taught me an insane amount about running a business throughout the past 4 years and I'm so glad I've had that wealth of knowledge in my life and continue to have it.

I've been doing A LOT of research on how to have a successful Etsy shop over the past week and I have learned a lot. The most important thing I've learned is goal making and just how impactful it can be.

So what are my goals?

To start with, I gotta conquer the basics...
  1. Figure out exactly what you will be selling in store.
  2. Have a shop name. Yay! That one is done!
  3. Figure out how to get the supplies you will need in a manageable way.
  4. Figure your profit margin and prices for items.
  5. Create a unique step in your process that makes you stand out.
These goals have to be accomplished before I can even move forward in the goal making process. Once these are done I can move on to the customer service and shop preparation goals which include creating a perfect "Shop Bio" and other fun things like that.

I'm not necessarily starting this Etsy shop to quit my day job and open up a studio and survive off that for the rest of my days (well, thats not the goal yet at least). I just want to share my work with people and in this day in age, an Etsy shop is the best way possible. Of course making money is a goal. It's always a goal. But according to the guides I have read, it is always best to start small.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Creating the TJ show sign

Photo by Tiffany Snow - Tiffany Jazelle (Cropped and edited by me)
So if you live on Cape Cod and you don't know Tiffany Jazelle, you will now. Carried in countless stores all over the North East (Sativa, Little Beach Gallery, Marie's Jewelry, and Charming Treasures just to name a few) and a few in the Sunshine State, Tiffany Jazelle is a jewelry line specializing in bracelets made with gorgeous semi precious stones and meaningful charms. Her bracelets are great because you can wear them with anything. You can wear all of them as a cool edgy boho stack or just one or two for a simple and elegant look. They fit any style since she has a wide range of stones and charms to choose from while always being classic and trendy (yes, at the same time!).
Some of my Tiffany Jazelle Bracelets (top to bottom) The U collection, Onyx with Zodiac (discontinued), Autumn Jasper with eye of Horus, Watermelon Tourmaline with Hamsa, and Turritella Agate with Lucky Elephant)
I have been fortunate enough to know Tiffany Snow, the creator, founder, and mastermind behind the Tiffany Jazelle line, for a few years now. She approached me recently asking if I wanted to help her out by creating a sign for her table for trunk shows and the upcoming "Accessories the Show" in Las Vegas. Of course I said yes. Duh.
Her entire line, studio, and even display pieces all match with a specific style vibe and I had to take that vibe and try my hardest to put it into this piece. Its kind of like that beachy, bohemian vibe mixed with subtle undertones of Cape Cod cottages, clean and sophisticated. The first thing I thought of was palette wood. Its weathered and rustic, green, and "all the rage right now" (for a lack of a better phrase... I hate that phrase). Plus, I knew I had some on hand, piled up in my parent's yard somewhere. See, my parent's house is kind of like the creativity warehouse, lots of just random supplies and tools, plus my father who can build pretty much anything.
Off to a good start! Dream Stone dream catcher for the background done in a wood stain pen.
I'm a night owl, I always have been. My boyfriend, Ethan can pass out at 8pm if he really wanted to yet my ass can't fall asleep until at least 11pm. Since he goes to sleep so early (to be fair he wakes up at almost 6am every morning and has to drive off Cape to work every day) I figured that's the perfect time for me to get to work. So fueled by many mugs of Bourbon and chamomile, vanilla, and honey tea, I set up our kitchen into a mini studio and burned the midnight oil for about a week.
The creative juice and more progress! Added the charm images to the bottom with acrylic paint.
A few nights of work and chit chats with Ethan and I's roommate, Jeff, who sat at the table eating his hot cereal at night, and I was done. Jeff ended up being a huge help at one point. I'm horrible with symmetry and the dream catcher is very symmetric so I was having a bit of a stress fest over it. The ring itself was easy, just traced some plates (yes, dinner plates) but the webbing on the inside I knew was gonna make my head explode. In between him complaining to me about how he can never make his hot cereal to his liking, Jeff said the magic word, "Stencil". DUH. Make a stencil and trace it. Duh. So I measured out all the meeting points and traced a stencil over and over again. And finally I was over that hump and on to the next.
Just one more coat of paint for the logo and I'm all done!
So once all the charms were painted I decided to sand them down a bit to give them more of a rustic look since they were really popping off the wood. I have to say, it came out exactly like I wanted it to. The last thing to do was place her logo in the center. To keep the lettering smooth, since painting on weathered wood isn't the easiest, I used an oil based paint pen I picked up at Michaels. It worked perfectly because I was able to write it on rather than paint it with a brush.
And the finished product! So glad she loves it!
Now that I am done with that, I am moving on to another small project for Tiffany so stay tuned for another Behind the Scenes post about that. This one was definitely fun and a good experience to work with some mediums I haven't used before. Every project is a new learning experience and a new opportunity to grow and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

photo by savvy-quotes


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