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Musings, art pieces, compiled mishmash of creative blobs and the daily life of Lyza Roderick – artist, visual merchandiser, + lover of the earth. Owner of Dreamsongs on Etsy Follow my creative + crazy journey discovering the ins + outs of well, everything.


The name is Lyza.
I was born and raised on Cape Cod, MA in a little town called Dennisport in a house a mile away form the ocean.
We had a great big yard and went camping in the mountains almost every summer.
That's when I fell in love with the Earth.

The daughter of a hippie and a carpenter, I got my good vibes (and good taste in music) from my mom and my creative abilities (along with a killer sense of humor) from my dad.
Painting, drawing, and creating has become second nature to me and I'm 100% self-taught except for all the basics you learn in K-12. However, I did learn a great deal about what it means to be an artist during my 4 years of High School. I was very lucky to go to one of the best high schools in the country... for free!
In April 2015, my boyfriend and I started our own business and we opened a shop on Etsy. It has been an interesting and exciting experience so far and I can't wait to see where it takes us.

Some things I enjoy...
thunderstorms.   pillows.   the smell of the ocean.   silver rings.   tattoos.   red wine.   love.   spearmint anything.   avocados.   charles bukowski.   Portland, ME.   vintage.   antiquing.   tea.   sand between my toes.   the mountains.   nature walks.   laughing.   wolves.   the sun.   the moon.   the stars.   classic rock.    laughing.   dancing.   breakfast.   yoga.   nag champa.   history.   tarantino movies.   nice paper.   patchouli oil.   animals.   ancient aliens.   mojitos.   day dreaming.