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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Progress: Dream Weavin'

So Sunday was filled with all sorts of good stuff! It was my first day off since ordering all of my supplies and I had already received enough of it to get to work!

My new Galactica Top Gun stein full of iced green tea, Mumford and Sons on blast, and dream weavin'
Before I started working, I turn to my boyfriend and I'm like "well I hope I can do this!"
"What do you mean you hope you can do this?!" He asked in disbelief.
"Well I've never woven a dreamcatcher before... But I'm pretty sure I can do it."
"Then why did we just buy supplies for a bunch of them when we could have just done one to see if you can even do it?!" He was getting a bit angry...
 It was laughable because I had no doubt in my mind I could do it, it seemed easy enough! And I did do it! I banged out 6 of them that morning in a few hours.. Not bad, not bad.
Dyed Quartz and Rose Quartz wrapped up
The other night I tried my hand at wire wrapping... And it was a little rocky at first but I got through it. I was explaining to Ethan about how crazy it is that some people can just look at something and figure out how to do it. That's kinda how I am. The human brain is an incredible thing.
So "I've been up all night tryna get that rich, work work work work workin on my sh--" but really though I've been working hard prepping every little piece that is going on these dreamcatchers. You aint goin nowhere without the hustle.

I am going to be having a LOT of "firsts" during this whole process. I had never woven a dreamcatcher before but I did it, I had never wire wrapped before but I did it, and I have never had an etsy shop before but I'm gonna do it. Optimism, baby!