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Musings, art pieces, compiled mishmash of creative blobs and the daily life of Lyza Roderick – artist, visual merchandiser, + lover of the earth. Owner of Dreamsongs on Etsy Follow my creative + crazy journey discovering the ins + outs of well, everything.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hair Choppin + Custom Weavin

I've been growing my hair out for years after having some super short hair in my days.
Buuuuut I chopped like a foot off the other day!
{Rockin' our Orion Choker + Wolf Mother Earrings}
Super sweet thanks to Mirror Image Salon!
Feelin' like a #bossbabe 

In other news, a new moon brings new vibes and opportunities and I'm feeeeelin' good.
Stayed up late last night and worked on some new Crystal Weaves and YES I will be updating the shop with a few new babies tomorrowww!
Stay tuned babes!

To keep myself busy I've had a couple custom orders to work on.
One for the jewelry makin' gypsy babe, Renee, owner of Gypsy Soul Rings. Check out her gorgeous sterling rings. Unique and beautiful and I NEED like 20 of them. I'm obsessed.
{photo by Gypsy Soul Rings}
And another sweet lil Crystal Car Weave for my girl, Chelsea.
This girl is full of positive vibrations and love and I had make something for her that radiated the same.
{photo by Chelsea, edited by me}
Her fur babies sure love it!

Now you can get a custom weave, too!
We just enabled the "Custom Order" option in our shop. How it works is you click on the "Request Custom Order" button and let us know what you want and when you need it by and we will do our very best to create your vision. 
Follow us on insta to see what we are up to on the daily: @shopdreamsongs
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Losing your Best Friend of 10 Years + Other Updates.

Ugh. It hurts to even think about writing this.

In our shop (I say "our" because Dreamsongs is a combo effort of both me and my boyfriend, Ethan) we have a couple pieces named "Wolf Mother": the Wolf Mother Earring + the Wolf Mother Choker. I am the Wolf Mother. Unfortunately, my wolf is no longer on this Earth.
Wolf Mother Earring
Wolf Mother Choker 
Warrior Wolf Dreamcatcher

After a few weeks of being very "not herself", I had to put my Lulu down. She had two tick born illnesses and her liver was swelled and her abdomen was filled with fluids. When we first brought her to the vets, they did an X-ray to see what was going on and found out about her liver being enlarged, which made them come to the conclusion that she might  have cancer. She was ok for about a week after that and then I got a call a 3am Saturday morning from my parents saying she wouldn't get up. I drove over there and attempted to lift her up but she didn't have the strength. Later that morning we brought her to the vet. I didn't expect any of what was about to happen to actually happen. In the end there was nothing we could do and we had to let her go. Signing those papers was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I held her face against mine as she took her last breaths. I miss her so much.

This whole thing has put me in a slump. I want to get work done but I find myself having a few too many glasses of beer/wine/liquor and falling asleep after I get home from my day job. However, during this time I did a few custom orders (one for the lovely boss babe of Gypsy Soul Rings) and designed a few beachy seashell dreamcatchers while hanging at the beach one morning.
Love Local Fest is quickly approaching and I still have SO much to do.

In other news (fun stuff ahead!), we will be heading down to Foxwoods in a few weeks to celebrate Ethan's birthday! I need a little get-away STAT and I can't wait.
In September, Ethan and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary (really its like 8 years but whatever) by heading back to Portland, ME and North Conway, NH for a mini vaca. I'm over the moon excited for that. I wanna breathe the mountain air again and be in the glory of it all with my lovah.

Things will get better.
And we will just keep getting better.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hey Hey July: Festivals and Mountain Vacas

Whaaaaaaaaat. It's July already? Time for fireworks and tropical drinks and sand between my toes, please. I still don't even have a tan, though.

After we opened the shop, (Yeah we did that on April 2nd... surprise!) we escaped to the North for a week in April and had some much needed vaca-fun-time. We spent a few days in Portland, ME and then traveled to North Conway, NH and hiked in the White Mountains.

It was amazing and perfect. Except Ethan got sick when we were in Portland so that kinda sucked but we still had fun. We quickly fell in love with Portland. It's the perfect little city. It's like a low low key Boston and has great food.

So it's been a SWEET past few months. Shop is open and things are selling so that's rad. We have our first retailer, Artichoke, so thats even sweeter. AND we are doing our first ever festival in August called Love Local Fest. So we have been a little busy and it feels so good. We are hoping to entice some more retailers at Love Local and grow a little bit more before the year is over. Things just get so dead around here when summer comes to a close that its hard to get people to buy your stuff.

And we have new inventory! We expanded our jewelry collection to include Choker necklaces! Not to mention,  I have a few more ideas we will be debuting at Love Local Fest on August 30th. So stay tuned for those guys.

So we hope y'all have an amazing and safe 4th of July Weekend! Remember to face the fireworks away from your face please! And keep your hands away from exploding rockets. We are celebrating with FREE SHIPPING storewide when you use code: DREAMFREE at checkout!