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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sacred Space

Happy Spring Equinox!
Apparently we are gonna get a "snowstorm" over night. I guess that's what we get for living in New England.

It's been almost 3 years since Ethan, Jeff, and I moved into our condo.
We still rely on storing things behind the sofa.
We have finally organized one of our two storage closets. One closet belongs to Dreamsongs and the vacuum and the other closet holds extra shoes, tools, some coats, a sweet vintage bedspread I keep forgetting I have, car stuff, golf clubs, a fishing rod... oh and a spider is living in there. I haven't had the guts to smush it yet, it seems pretty chill.
We got a dog! His name is Puppy. We did not name him but it's an ongoing joke in my family so I'm sticking with it. He's the sweetest and he loves to cuddle his huge leopard stuffed animal.
For the past 4 months, we have been slowly decorating our condo and making it a home.
I never wanted to buy things for the house in fear that Ethan wouldn't like it.
So we talked about it, and he gave me free reign!
We first started with a few paintings in the living room.
Choosing art was the hardest part. We disagreed on everything.
We finally both fell in love with Mark Adlington.
"Pack Leaders 2001" and "Talons - White Tailed Sea Eagle" by Adlington
and our new book shelf because Ethan has a shit-ton of books!
The book shelf was our next step. This wall was so bare and this really filled it in, plus I was able to clean out the two crates if books Ethan had in the closet.
So this began our animal motif throughout our living room (+ Star Wars. Always.)
Using a Budweiser mini fridge for a table. Perfect.
Autographed Patriots footballs, Al Pacino, Marilyn, 1930's celestial book pages,
Boba Fett (painted by me!), Ethan's degree,
and a 1930's post card of the Sphinx after it was excavated!
Yesterday, I put one of the bigger final touches on our living room by updating the mantle and fire place. Before, we had a long line of Ommegang Game of Thrones craft beer bottles going across the mantle and nothing in front of the fireplace. 
I went to Christmas Tree Shops yesterday with mi madre in search of curtains and new throw pillows and walked out with everything but that. 
Snagged some sweet gold antler candle holders for $6 each,
A pretty glass ombre vase/candle holder for $9,
Black pillar candle holders for $8 each,
And all the candles!
Don't you just love a bargain?!
When we got up to the cash register my mom offered to pay for it.
So thanks again, mama! Love you!
My new favorite little table.
This is in our kitchen, but whatevs.
Next step is decorating the half bath and continue to convince Ethan that we should paint the cabinets in the kitchen black. I don't know if he will ever agree with me but I'm not giving up yet!

In other news, I'm dropping a new necklace in the shop this week!
The Siren Necklace should be up by the end of this week as well as new weaves!
Our 1 year anniversary is coming up on April 2nd
(I didn't want to open on April Fool's Day) and we can't wait!

Until next time...