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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

11 Months Later: The Blog Post

Wow it's been awhile... 
How has everyone been? 
It's been a crazy busy year. 

So let’s jam 4 months of madness into one blog post...

Of course we had the usual festival madness this year, which kicked off in July.


The beginning of the month brought excitement with the 4th of July!
Per usual, Ethan and I went up to his dad's house and lit off fireworks. 
We had one accident where a big ass box of 30 or so rounds flipped over and started firing AT us.
And, well... there were 4 fires and one small injury as a result.
After that I went up on the roof deck with a well deserved beer and watched the rest of the show.

Next came the first Pinehills of the summer...

I had fallen quickly in love with Hula Hooping thanks to Cape Fit Hoops (I did the Hoops and Hops class in June on the Summer Solstice and it was incredible) so I had to take my hoop with me during some downtime!
During the tail end of the month, we went up to Mount Desert Island, ME and enjoyed a little mountain time with our best friends and, of course, Puppy. 
It felt so amazing to get away and soak in Acadia National Park.
Puppy was all about it, too. 
He loved climbing on rocks and of course sniffing everything!

The first LoveLocal Fest of the year kicked off when we returned, and as always it was a super fun time.


Within the first week of August we went camping up in Saco, ME with our friends Rachel and Ryan for Ethan and Ryan’s birthday.

It was Ethan and I’s first camping trip together and I can’t wait to do it again.

We also hit up Old Orchard Beach on the foggiest day ever. 
And then went up to Portland for dinner and so I could get my Portland fix.

I can’t be that close to that city and not visit it! 

Another Pinehills Market snuck up on us when we returned and it was our last one of the season.

Then came the busiest month of the year...


So the aforementioned friends we went camping with got married this month and we were both in the wedding party. 

We had a blast.

First came the Bach parties (#RachelsBachBitches).

From beach hangs, to penis straws, too much pizza, and dancing the night away... it was a super fun time.

The following week was the wedding and it was a beautiful day. (#RFriendsWedding)

They got married at a gorgeous 1918 mansion set on Pleasant Bay in Orleans.

After sobbing through the ceremony (when the groom cries, I cry) we partied into the night with succulent cupcakes, sparklers, and Farmers Fizz.

LoveLocal Fest wrapped up the month and wrapped up my outdoor festival season for the year! 


It was nice to get some down time in October after working 5 days a week and then having 3 out of the 4 weekends in September be taken up by events and festivals.

We got into the Halloween spirit a little early and hit up King Richard’s Faire with our newlywed friends.

Got to have some much needed, fun family time with a brunch, 
then a candle party, then just a chill day.

And then came my favorite holiday...Halloweeeeen!

I always try to find something different and that involves makeup when it comes to dressing up. 

We went to the Friend’s Halloween party Saturday before Halloween and they always kill it with the decorations and food. 
There were chocolate cherry mice, harvest sangria, spooky decorations everywhere... it was perfect. 


And now it’s November 1st.
Holiday prep time on lock till my fingers go numb.

Not 1 but 2!! holiday markets in the mix for December...
LoveLocal Fest Holiday Edition

And Make it Local New England at Kingston Collection 
December 16-17th

Come see me, get your shop on, and be merry!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Revolution: Work in Progress

As I sit here, watching Sex and the City S04E18 and realizing watching Big leave NYC was just as sad as watching the Obama's board the helicopter this afternoon, I'm trying to come up with ideas on how to support this revolution. Surprise! I am not a Trump fan and I'm not just gonna (excuse me, but) lay down and take it.

It's funny how the hypocrites really come out when there are shifts of power like this. The ones who preach happiness, peace, and love and then tell you to get over it and accept the way things are. Sorry, but no. I have a voice and I will use it.

So, my idea, like a lot of other women artists of my generation, is to use my voice through art. Whatever those pieces may be, I'm not sure yet but proceeds of the sales of said art will go to charities that may not be getting the support they will need these next 4 years.

I stumbled upon this fabulous website (here) that published this article a few days after the election. It lists numerous 'Charities To Donate To In Trump's America'. I'm leaning towards something to do with climate change.

As I work things out and figure out what exactly I want to do, I urge all of you who are unsatisfied by our countries choice, to not let your voice be silenced. This is important. It is critical.

Until next time.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

FASH: My 2017 Golden Globes Best Dressed

I love award season mostly just because of the Red Carpet. Stars come out dressed in their best and we get to gawk, laugh, and drool over their ensembles all while we sip wine in our onsie PJs on the couch. Nothing could be better!

The 74th annual Golden Globes was this past weekend and La La Land may have raked in the awards but we know the real winners and losers were decided before everyone was even seated aka the Best and Worst Dressed.

The Good

Naomi Campbell in Atelier Versace
The LINES in this dress are to DIE for! As soon as I saw it I was like, "YES". I am in love with the beautiful blush color (I want my wedding dress to be that color tbqh) and the contrast of those sequined black folds is so pleasing to the eye. The pintucks in the bodice gives this dress so much movement when its standing still. It looks like a waterfall and her body is acting as the mountain. BRAVO Naomi, bravo!
Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton
This futuristic sporty look looks so incredible on Soph (because if we were friends I would totally call her that). I feel like it's a tough dress to pull off but she does it perfectly with simple straight hair, a classic smokey eye, and minimal jewelry. Now go don House Stark's traditional furs and stay warm because Winter is HERE, girlfriend.
Sophia Vergara in Zuhair Murad
Oh.My.GAWD. Yes, girl! Our favorite bombshell with the best sense of humor and down to earth personality, set the red carpet on fire with this outstanding Zuhair Murad long sleeve gown. She looks like a damn warrior Goddess! I'm in love.
Kristen Bell in Jenny Packham
I have to admit, this was one of the first looks I ever saw from this year's Golden Globes and I loved it so much. It's so elegant and sexy with its plunging, rectangular neckline. Once I saw it, I tweeted out a picture of her and her hubby, Dax Shepard and he actually "liked" my tweet.
Total fangirl moment.
Gwendoline Christie in custom Vivienne Westwood
Hello grecian goddess that is Brienne of Tarth aka Gwendoline Christie. Giving us straight up modern Marilyn Monroe vibes. I mean, how simply gorgeous is this dress?! The color against her skin tone and hair is just perfection. She looks like what french vanilla ice cream would look like if it were a person and its delicious. The beautiful train that trails off her shoulder makes this dress. It would still be gorgeous without it but that just takes it to the next level.

The Bad and the Ugly 

Sarah Jessica Parker in Michael Kors Collection
I love Carrie Bradshaw as much as the next girl (maybe even a little bit more) but come the f$%k on girlfriend! Where do I start? The sleeves are just baggy pieces of extra fabric that should have just been used to line one of MK's jacquard totes. The fabric just looks heavy and horrible. It also appears to be too long for her, which is causing it to bunch and wrinkle in weird places. And it has like, an awkward train? Or something? I'm sorry but SJP looks like a disaster.
Redeeming Past Golden Globes Gown: in 2004 she graced the Golden Globes Red Carpet in a gorgeous Chanel strapless tea length gown that looked like it walked out of the 1950's. Her shoes weren't that fabulous but I love that dress. She also won best actress for Sex and the City that year.
Carrie Underwood in Iris Serban
If you just get rid of that clown-like collar messy looking thing, this dress would be beautiful. I just wanna know, what the hell the designer was thinking. Like, "Oh let's get real crazy and throw on this hybrid rose vajayjay ruffle business and make this dress fabulous!" I'm sorry but it's far from fabulous, its almost tragic. It's a shame because the color is gorgeous on her and I love the geometric cut outs at the waist. 
Redeeming Past Golden Globes Gown: at the 2011 Golden Globes, Carrie looked stunning in a beautiful strapless Badgley Mischka beaded gown.
Jessica Chastain in Prada
This just has 90's school dance written all over it. The only thing slightly redeeming about this sorry excuse for a gown is the wide-V neckline. I love that is rests on the shoulders. Very pretty. The rest of it? Cornflower Blue mixed with pink sequined asymmetrical floral? Puke. It's terrible. Her hair is terrible. And she is so pretty and elegant, too! It almost makes me sad to see her in this rag (and its PRADA for f%&ks sake!).
Redeeming Past Golden Globes Gown: In 2015, Jessica Chastain nearly broke necks in a drop dead gorgeous Versace liquid bronze bombshell dress. It's the polar opposite of the dress above.
Judith Light in Balmain
I'm really sick of zebra print. Keep that stuff in the 80's where it belongs. This also looks like a dress Kris Jenner would wear (well, we know how the Kardashians love their Balmain). I think she styled it nicely but an open toed sandal would look better. You can't see it in this picture but the dress also has a center front slit and those always just look silly to me on dresses like these.
Redeeming Past Golden Globes Gown: last year she rocked a fabulous ivory tux on the Red Carpet. 
Amanda Peet in Bottega Veneta
When are we gonna get rid of this color? It has been flooding the Fall runways for far too long. "Oxblood" needs to go away and make a comeback again much further down the line. With that being said, this dress is just so plain Jane I had to add it to my Worst Dressed list. It does, however have one redeeming quality: the leather "straps" and open back that can be seen better in this picture here with pal, Sarah Paulson.
Redeeming Past Golden Globe Gown: In 2016 she worked the Red Carpet in a lacey, glistening "nude" Alexander McQueen high necked beauty.

Now that I have praised the wonderful gowns that walked the Red Carpet and tore apart the disasters that we are still trying to forget and may talk about later in therapy... I present to you my choice for the 2017 Golden Globes Best Dressed:

***Best Dressed***

Olivia Culpo in Zuhair Murad Couture
It's LITERALLY a work of art! I love this so much. The top of this dress makes it so stunning and fashion forward. I love the X-Front because it really breaks the dress up nicely without it being so blunt and obvious. The colors are perfect with her skin tone and she is SLAYING with that Dolce & Gabbana inspired updo and earthy toned makeup. Even my boyfriend chose this as best dressed!

Until next time.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Oh jeez... hi 2017!

Hey! It's been awhile.
Like a long while.
Been busy with festivals and all that other insanity that 2016 brought.
So lets do a quick recap...

Last time we talked, I had just finished up my first festival of the year!
So the next festival was 4th of July weekend in Eastham, MA
It was fun but yet again, I couldn't have my jewelry out.
It didn't matter as much because Eastham, unlike Hyannis, is a place where a lot of people are in touch with their souls and into alternative healing, etc., which has a lot to do with my work.
After that was my first Pinehills ever:
It was fantastic and I really fell in love with the atmosphere and the company who runs the whole festival.
I also met a George R. R. Martin look-a-like and he was a very kind soul who was into aboriginal musical instruments and cultures. 
He came over to my table and I asked him, "Do you know who George R. R. Martin is?" and he replied with, "I know, I know, I haven't finished the book yet!" so, I guess he was used to it.
I did sneak a picture of him and sent it off to a few friends because the resemblance was uncanny but I don't have the picture anymore, unfortunately.

After Pinehills was the first LoveLocal Fest of the year (aka my favorite!).
As always LoveLocal Fest brought the best.
Photo credz: Jen of little beach gallery
Then another Pinehills x2, and then another LoveLocal Fest.
In between it all we did a pop-up shop with Byway Barber.
We capped off the year with the LoveLocal Fest: Holiday edition and one last Byway Barber event!

It was a busy busy year.

So now, I'm sitting up in bed, watching Sex and the City while 20" of snow sits outside.
Took this yesterday in the middle of the storm.
We walked through the woods to the cranberry bog behind our place.

So what's next?
Lots of stuff.
Lots of plans and ideas are constantly popping into my head.
Just gotta stay tuuuuuned!